Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Figure Out.

Well, I've had a good week. Practice is still tough, but i'm getting through it. School is getting easier and even my AP class has been getting better.

I'm going to start new contests in order to get more followers. I guess I may be popular outside of this blog, but not inside. I need more followers. If you don't follow me, than I hope when you view my blog for the first time that you are inspired by a young writer that is passionate when she works. I work hard and get very little to no credit. I guess that I just have to work even harder.

What we see in ourselves is different from what others see in us (Different Perspectives). We define ourselves with two very similar personalities: indescribable and misguided into many different directions. The reason we are these personas is that we don't understand. Three simple words that mean nothing, but when combined, means everything. When your thinking "indescribable" your thinking: life. Understanding, we've got so much to do in life, too much going on already. Schooling, social life, personal life, support, money, occupations, jobs, studying, early planning, ect...

Meanings, comprehending, understanding, winning, losing, gone way to far, and more. You can hold back the truth for maybe 10 days tops, but you know inside that you need to speak your mind. Most of the time, you hurt with all the responsibility of having the truth, but you can't tell it. Eventually you get caught, and that is called losing. Meanings are trouble caught with innocence. For example: A dream is the combination of wishes and clouds. Clouds, in my vocabulary, are exactly what they seem, they float and hover, they see everything good and bad, like a dream. Sometimes dreams are memories, clouds are part of a system, like memories. They evaporate (Memories: Forget), are precipitated (Memories: Starting to Remmember), and condensate (Memories: Reappear).

Believe what you will and stay alive for more information and advice. Stay FOREVER YOUNG with FASCINATING FAITH.

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